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Exhibiting at wire 2014 in Düsseldorf

Companies are now gearing up for the most eagerly anticipated trade exhibition in the wire and cable calendar – wire 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany, which runs from 7th to 11th April.

Below are just a selection of companies taking part in the show at the Fairgrounds:

AEI Machines
Paul Leibinger
Macro Bars and Wires
MTT – Machinery Technology Trading
Spirka Schnellflechter
Joachim Uhing
Wire & Plastic Machinery


You can also see additional exhibitors in our online magazine, just click here to see a more comprehensive list

Improving performance

Nexans’ newest product, Energex® Extra, uses Dow Endurance™ HFDC-4202 tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) insulation.

The advantages of Energex Extra using Dow Endurance HFDC-4202 are said to include improved resistance to water tree growth, higher retained dielectric strength after ICEA 360-day accelerated water treeing test (AWTT) and reduced cost of ownership through longer cable life.


New MTM simplifies efficient taping

Ridgway Machines has launched a new MTM Mobile Coil Taping Machine with a unique mobile carriage mounted taping head. The carriage seats the operator and travels along the machine length to simplify the application of insulation tapes to larger size electrical coils or bars, whilst ensuring that the highest levels of quality and productivity are achieved.

The MTM is specifically designed for handling larger size coils and bars, up to 4,000mm straight length, using a combination of retractable pneumatic coil supports, adjustable rear clamp stands and coil eye supports.

The robust taping head travels in both directions – as the carriage approaches the coil supports, the clamps open automatically and the support arm moves away to the rear of the machine.

Downtime is eliminated as the machine can be operated continuously in both directions to apply multiple tape layers. The taping head rotates around the coil, applying a pair of tapes simultaneously with tension being settable between 0.5 and 7kg direct pull. Feeding angle is automatic as the correct angle is always found either side of the centre line.

The MTM uses twin variable speed motors to provide and synchronise the taping head drive and carriage traverse functions. These are controlled by a foot pedal mounted on the taping head carriage, with reversing selection by joystick control located on the panel in front of the operator. Additional controls provide safety guard/bump strip reset, and factory pre-set acceleration and deceleration ramps ensure gentle start and stop operations.